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How to balance your strategy

 Beyond economic agents, brands also seem to be cultural agents. In my book , I discuss the role of brands and their power of influence. Through testimonials and the analysis of concrete cases including Repetto, Havana Club, Orange or even Frichti, you will discover how to unleash the cultural potential of brands. In this article, I suggest you take an interest in how brands speak through their brand content strategy: a taste of what awaits you. Good reading !The  Brand content is what the brand mobilizes from its culture in its editorial activity. In other words, the cultural universe of a brand is the soil from which hatch the content it emits.

How to define a brand editorial territory

Culture appears either in a latent state or mobilized by the editorial function. It is interesting to resituate brand content in the panorama of possible expressions Luxembourg Phone Number List of brand culture. In my book you will discover that brand content is defined as the editorial expression of brand culture. Take into account the uniqueness of the brand. Design brands as complete worlds. Establish a subtle balance between general interest and commercial interest. One of the challenges of brand territory is whether or not the brand should talk about its field of activity. Expressing oneself directly on one’s field of activity leads to a  or valorization of competitors. If, on the other hand, the company does not talk about it, it risks being  .

Beware of content that is too

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The definition of the editorial territory is played between two potentially antagonistic BI lists  requirements .On the one hand that is to say the ability of the content to feed it and benefit it in terms of image and sales. On the other hand,for the different target audiences. Editorial lines can thus be defined according to two logics that can coexist. whether directly related to the offer of products and services or more distant from the products and related to the brand.M  and appropriate to the interests of the target audience. Indeed, it is often similar to advertisements extolling the merits and values ​​of the brand.

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