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Top 5 uses of marketing automation

Inbound marketing, or the fact of attracting prospects to your site using content in particular, is becoming widespread. It’s very simple,  of marketers in the world consider this to be the main approach to have in 2021. If this software is created to generate leads by attracting them to your site and then nurturing them, their uses can be much broader. Whether you want to invest in a solution, or whether you are already avid users Marketing automation. By definition, consists in automating marketing actions using campaigns triggered by conditions set according to the behavior of the contact.

Marketing automation and inbound marketing

Therefore, it is the possibility of automating contact segmentation, scoring, nurturing scenarios, via different channels: emails,  landing pages .If of marketing Lithuania Phone Number List managers are already using this tool and  are working on a marketing automation project for the next year, it is because the results of this tool are well established.  It’s pretty obvious, marketing automation is thought out and designed for inbound marketing. Attracting using landing pages or pop ins. Storing information and segmenting it. Using it to send the right message, to the right person. At the right time, via the right channel. This is the promise of marketing automation to respond to the expectations.

Example of an automated inbound marketing campaign

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The perfect example is a nurturing campaign.  The customer experience is at the heart of the concerns, and for good reason: a very satisfied customer talks BI lists about it to 3 people, a dissatisfied customer talks about it to 12, a very unhappy customer talks about it to 20. And when we know that 5% of increase in loyalty increases your profits by 25 to 55%, we leave nothing to chance to ensure a top-notch customer experience, from the first contact to after the conversion. Marketing automation has its place in customer experience and loyalty. Today, consumers want a relationship of trust, personalized with brands.

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