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Attracting talent through the employer brand

Do you know inbound recruiting. This methodology consists of adapting the inbound marketing methodology to recruitment.  Adopting this strategy seems to be a real challenge for companies today etc. In this article, find out what inbound recruiting consists of. Today, the way consumers choose to get information has evolved and this change increasingly reinforces the importance of inbound marketing. Faced with this, it is no longer up to the candidate to make every effort to seduce a company; today it is up to the latter to make itself known and to inspire. Inbound recruiting therefore seems to be a more topical subject than ever.

What is the context of inbound recruiting

Inbound recruiting consists, for an employer, in making himself known to his personas to attract them to him, thanks to content . to live an experience, even Lebanon Phone Number List before approaching the job description: enough to revolutionize recruitment. For this, it all starts with the creation of a long-term relationship between the company and the talents, who may not be candidates at the time of the first exposure with the brand. The benefits are visible, both for the recruiter and the candidate. The candidate knows if the mindset of the company corresponds. To him and only applies when he is fully in line with its values. The candidate better perceives the profile you are looking for and can .Just like inbound marketing, your brand identity is essential to produce content that corresponds to you. In inbound recruiting, you must first and foremost know exactly what type of employer you are.

The foundation of a successful inbound 

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He will be interested in your values, your image or even your working conditions. If before it was possible for a company to publish an ad on BI lists LinkedIn or on job offer sites. This approach now seems a bit outdated. At any time, you can attract the rare pearl you’ve been waiting for in your team. Not only through an offer that will be similar to that of other companies’ properties, but through the story you tell them about your company. This is why, even without a particular recruitment need, it is important not to neglect your employer brand.  There’s nothing worse than talking to potential candidates with an off-the-record speech. The disappointment of a new recruit is all you need to avoid. Just like a dissatisfied customer who could tarnish your image and reduce your sales, a disappointed candidate or recruit can let their network know.

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