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How to properly coordinate data sharing

Whether in marketing or sales, you pursue a common goal. Every day. And for that, what could be more effective than gathering relevant data about your new prospects, leads and customers. Among the strategic axes put forward in inbound marketing, we often find marketing sales al ignment the famous This consists of   But what about sharing data for both marketing and sales? How to be efficient internally, by sharing the right information to improve your acquisition. At each stage of the conversion funnel (or flywheel, it works equally well for both models .And this both to shape your acquisition strategy in marketing.

Get the right data at the right time

The commercial speech and the support of a lead until the closing stage. That’s why it’s important to by having available data generated by marketing Latvia Phone Number List on the pages visited by the lead before making contact. Not to mention the many other application possibilities! At the top of the funnel, at the first contact stage, marketing will seek to identify common denominators between the company’s contacts, in order to be able to refine .At this point, here are some examples of data that can be shared between marketing and sales: this is the starting point of the sales cycle, it will make it possible to estimate the average time necessary for the conversion if the closing takes place. this involves the lead gen channel used (inbound, outbound, referrer, etc.), the source of traffic originating the contact SEO, Google Ads ad, direct access, etc.

Integrate and automate to facilitate data sharing

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All this information on the identity, origin and behavior of the new contact helps, on the one hand, the sales team to On the marketing side, on a larger scale, they BI lists make it possible to. Without forgetting the data at the bottom of the funnel, or even after the sale! In marketing as in sales, for example, defining relevant upsell mechanisms with customers is essential. As such, the KPIs to follow together are the average basket and the rate of upsell. Finally, in the event of a churn, quantitative as well as qualitative follow-up on the reasons for leaving certain customers is essential to help marketing and sales rework  .All that makes a hell of a lot of data and without even having an exhaustive list! So how do you sort through all of this potential information.

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