The four keys to success

Developing a brand content strategy is not easy. Its success is based on the  an intimate understanding of the brand, the degree of creativity allowed, the choice of characters and scripting. Demonstration by example. Brand content consists, for a brand, of  before, brands had access to mass media such as television, radio, press, cinema or posters, today the internet weighs in the balance. Brands now have the possibility, thanks to digital . Let’s start with a concrete example. Let’s imagine that we offer the food group Bonduelle a brand content strategy for one of its brands: Cassegrain. Here is a recommendation that we could present to them around the four essential pillars of brand content.

Exploring the history of brands

The stories of the Bonduelle and Cassegrain brands are intertwined. In order to stand out from each other, they have  and affirmed them over time. While Macedonia Phone Number List Bonduelle has favored a  Cassegrain has instead developed   . Today, if the stories of each of the two brands are anchored in often shared know-how, the characters that we find in their communications differ. In its advertisements, Bonduelle generally highlights two main characters: a customer and a product. For its part, cassegrain very early on created a brand character.The rabbit, and has never ceased to stage it over time. Sometimes representing the housewife. Sometimes gastronome or chef, even more recently a clubber. Curiously, when the two brands declined their communication on the web. They adopted. However, while it is consistent for bonduelle to offer a so-called “classic” site. Powered by themes such as nutrition or responsible consumption. The approach corresponds less to the cassegrain brand.

 The positioning of the cursor between conservative 

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Brand content is a brand’s best ally since. It is still necessary to position the cursor correctly. So, how to choose between measured or unlimited creativity. Here BI lists are some questions to ask yourself in order to make your choice. How to position the cursor between the need to stand out from Bonduelle and the importance of remaining loyal to the group?  How to take advantage of digital to further develop Cassegrain’s territory of expression?What editorial concept should be developed and retained?It is important to and not the opposite. For the Cassegrain brand, here is what we can consider.


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