Inbound marketing an opportunity to comply

In 2018, the GDPR came to  If mass email had already shown its limits, the GDPR brought it a real downtime cost. Everyone remembers being inundated with emails from companies asking for your “consent” to continue sending you their communications. Did you answer it? Let’s be clear, many companies have seen their contact base melt away and are thus left . What if the GDPR was actually an opportunity to implement an inbound marketing strategy in your company? Before explaining to you why is a philosophy in line with the GDPR, let’s go back to the basics. By analyzing these 3 points, we can realize that.

A link with your prospects in order to prevent

The GDPR implies that any company with a BtoC activity must . If the legislation is a little more flexible in BtoB by establishing the principle of “legitimate interest”, companies have every interest in applying this principle. Indeed, obtaining a prospect’s permission to send them Malta Phone Number List information ensures . Your communications will therefore have more impact. This is where the link with inbound takes on its full meaning. When we talk about inbound marketing, one of the first things we talk about is its permissive methodology. The philosophy of inbound is to to encourage your targets to learn more about your business. A company that deploys an inbound strategy therefore waits for a signal from a prospect before sending him messages. This is why premium, downloadable content (ebooks, infographics, customer cases, etc.) is so important in inbound.

Segment your base and re-engage inactive 

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With the implementation of the GDPR, many companies have had to ask their contacts for consent. Also no more contacts with whom you have not exchanged BI lists for more than 5 years. The challenge is therefore to. It is the essence of inbound that gives you the keys to help you pay particular attention to the engagement of your prospects. With inbound and thanks to marketing automation. If your database is segmented in a marketing automation platform  you are able to easily identify people who have not had any interaction (visit to your site, read a blog article, opening an email,  with your brand for 3 months, 6 months or a year. So, when a new prospect meets these criteria, the ideal is to trigger a specific scenario that will allow .

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