How to find and win new customers

March 22, 2023 By yqi71 0

The various web marketing tactics have abounded for. The technological advances released by digital technology have enabled the emergence of new prospecting territories and customer acquisition techniques.  There have never been so many means available to find customers. But faced with the wave of jargon, it is difficult to navigate in the choice of tactics to capture customers. The risk is to embark on an ersatz tactics to win customers without really obtaining a return on investment.  Let’s take a concrete example with . Our clients want to do inbound marketing, which in itself is often a good choice if it serves a long-term goal and strategy. But others are in a hurry. So is this the right tactic.

Establish a strategic plan before opting for prospecting techniques

Of the  launched each year, are failures (according to Clayton Christensen, Harvard professor and author of the famous “Innovator’s Dilemma”. For Christensen, the observation is clear: little by little, companies are moving away from their customers to focus on their Dominican Republic Phone Number List own products. Arrived at a stage, the company no longer serves its customers, it markets products   . If these companies are struggling to find customers, it is because they have forgotten the basics of marketing. You just have to and ask yourself the right questions to create value and identify the right prospecting tactics. In this area, you should never start without having a strategy and asking yourself the right questions. Can you imagine going on vacation without having defined your destination and your itinerary? Probably not. 

Marketing strategy tools

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Just as tactics for capturing new customers abound, there are many tools to help in marketing BI lists strategy. But today, let’s focus on a systemic method to help you ask yourself the right questions, and therefore build a  that will allow you to  This method is called  and was designed by Franck GAUTIER, director of the  , and Sébastien TORTU,. Inspired by Japanese ikigai, which is used to find personal happiness, this variation allows the company to ask to establish a  strategy . It is a succession of questions whose answers influence the following ones and loop between them. This branded ikigai focuses on the   to the success of the company:  We thought it would be interesting to show you some of the fundamentals that are covered in this method . But you can find more details about this method in their book .