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ABM Experience podcast ABM back to basics

A marketing strategy with a substantial return on investment, which improves internal collaboration and takes advantage of new digital challenges to personalize the customer relationship. Admit that it would be a good thing to put in place for companies that do B2B, right? That’s good, because that’s precisely the subject of our first issue  , the first French-speaking podcast around. So what exactly is account-based marketing? How does it work and who does it concern? To find out more, take a look back at the key points of this first episode, which covers the fundamentals of ABM.

That is to say those whose budgets are large

A strategic approach that is primarily oriented towards B2B . The very translation of account-based marketing in French is “strategic account marketing”. In other Czech Republic Phone Number List words, it is marketing geared towards organizations that sell products and services to very large business customers. Historically, ABM has always been focused on large enterprises. That is to say those whose budgets are large and whose simple order can represent a significant part of the turnover. In general, ABM is used when the sales cycle is long. It can therefore take several weeks or months between. Your salesperson’s first contact with the future customer. And the signing of the contract. Account managers know by heart. The functioning of client companies. Their internal decision-making processes. Key or influential members, and the needs expressed or not.

That relies on managers from several departments

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In some extreme cases for very complex projects, these are strategies that can even be spread over 18 or 24 months . Under these conditions, you can BI lists imagine that error is not allowed given the investment to be made on the sales side. The other criterion that matters is that when there are many people involved in the decision-making. Your salespeople don’t have a person to convince. But a committee, or a direction that relies on managers from several departments orbusiness units for example. As we explain in the first episode of the. ABM Experience podcast .  However, it was not until the 2010s. That it became a strategic subject .For sales and marketing departments .First in the United States. Then in Europe. Is used when the number of key accounts is generally  .

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