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How the podcast accompanies your

Podcasts, everyone talks about it.  this new way of consuming content continues to attract new listeners thanks to the mobility and adaptability it offers. In France, while people enjoyed podcasts at the start of 2020, this figure rose to in September 2021. The pandemic and confinements have been there, and have also anchored new behaviors which social networks have taken over, with ClubHouse develop. However, podcasting is not reserved for the general public, far from it. For B2B companies, it’s even a good way to share their expertise, make themselves known and work on their image to acquire new prospects. That’s good, because that’s precisely the subject of our first issue  , the first French-speaking podcast around   

Why start a podcast

It’s a way to convey diversify your existing content (or even reuse it by adapting it), work on your reputation, and develop your community within a . To launch a podcast, there are few or no substantial technical Ecuador Phone Number List barriers to entry. Indeed, it is a simple communication channel and there are many great to help you get started quickly. The important point is especially to  it is often the most difficult part. You have to find this regularity in order to create an appointment that brings value. With the power of platforms like , you can reach large numbers of people with minimal investment.  .However, it is possible to advertise on podcasts. Like social networks, there are programmatic platforms that broadcast advertising spots (like on the radio) but according to the targets and themes of the programs. 

Because it helps increase traffic to your website

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Allows you to build a  with the people who listen to you, fostering genuine relationships with your potential customers, who will rely on your referrals and BI lists recommendations to check out the products or resources you recommend. Not only will your audience be  but they’ll also be more likely to trust you. Because that’s where it all comes down to: this emotional, human and sincere connection By standing out as a trusted actor, you will be more likely to differentiate yourself and affirm your positioning to develop your business.  The podcast is a  but not an advertising channel. In short: the goal is to produce useful and interesting content, and not to promote yourself continuously. 

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