What to remember from the digital event

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022 took place the 5th edition of Inbound Marketing France organized by the agency  in an exceptional place, in the heart of the city of Rennes, Le Couvent des Jacobins! An edition which, again this year, met with On the program: 28 conferences and masterclasses spread over 5 spaces of the convent. A great between marketing professionals. Today, let’s go back to what we had to remember from this Inbound Marketing France 2022 event!

Metavers revolution or simple evolution

Today, there are already 250 publishers of virtual world platforms in the world. In a few years, we will be able to travel from planet to planet via the Internet. This Bolivia Phone Number List is a real subject that companies must take into consideration  for their future. “Your site will migrate into virtual spaces or Metaverse with its own NFT (Non fungible token or title of ownership of a digital asset)” Laurent Chrétien, general manager at Laval virtual. “ Play on emotion too! This is what Emmanuelle Servaye , CMO with a French software publisher in the world of interim HRIS, tells us. legant marketing,” says Isabelle Defay, agency manager at Winbound .  This strategy represents precisely the art of creating a human link to create a business opportunity.By being respectful of the person you are talking to. And by offering him a unique experience.

To be in a marketing and commercial

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The objective is to offer something different, but which will remain in the minds, because above all we ask permission to be in a marketing and commercial BI lists relationship with this account.Finally, Stéphane founder and president of , a marketing automation software publisher, tells us: “Dealing with weak signals to make a good decision requires giving the right information to the right person at the right time. Is my LinkedIn profile optimal? What improvement can I make? “ LinkedIn is no longer a social network, it has become a work tool ” says Bruno Fridlansky , author of “Mastering LinkedIn”. To make it a work tool.

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