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How to improve your marketing reports

Today, marketing and sales teams are generally quite distinct with different strategies, objectives and missions. Usually, marketing is in charge of generating leads and building brand awareness. The Sales teams collect these leads, transform them and develop their client portfolio. Marketers want to collect as much data as possible on the performance of their campaigns and actions implemented. The objective is to define the profitability of each of them and   . With this data, they can easily calculate the cost per lead of their actions. However, the leads generated are not always qualified and each of them will have a different level of maturity.

The principle of data reconciliation between Sales and Marketing

Which complicates the analyses. To fight against this, we are firmly convinced that the pooling Benin Phone Number List of data is the key to generating a better Return On Investment (ROI) and, of course, more sales. Although the term data reconciliation may seem clear to you. It seems to me preferable to draw up a definition in order to continue the article on a common basis. In our context. The notion of data reconciliation refers to the grouping and homogenization of customer information. From their first interaction to after-sales service. This linking of data makes it possible to have  taking into account the overall journey of the customer. With all of this information, marketing teams will be able to refine their campaigns and offer more impactful content, generating not only leads but .

As much data as possible in order to analyze them

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This notion of data reconciliation is quite broad and .It is important to determine what types of data can serve. A marketing interest. Therefore what information BI lists will be shared. Today, marketing practices are very much linked to data and the objective is to collect .Relate them and draw precise conclusions from. The preferences of each prospect. In this line. An incalculable amount of data can be transferred between. The two services and it is important to determin. Which are the important data to take into account. We have therefore drawn up a small non-exhaustive list. The different dates of the buying process: this allows marketing teams to calculate the real time and costs generated by the conversion of a prospect into a customer.


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