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How to concretely and definitively adopt

On june 21, 2022, the 5ᵉ edition took place at the .Couvent des jacobins in rennes. Hosted a round table. On the subject of the concrete implementation of startup marketing .In a context of hypergrowth with his guests pierre lechelle. Caroline mignaux and juliette hervé . This round table allowed the audience of inbound marketing france. To benefit from the expertise of four digital marketing players. As part of a discussion around the marketing of startups:

Which marketing strategy is best suited to your startup

The first subject discussed during this conference is based on the choice of the marketing Belize Phone Number List strategy to adopt. For Stéphane Truphème, the “old school” marketing mix methods of the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) are less effective today. According to him, startups must renew the discipline.Pierre Lechelle is more hostile to growth. He chooses the so-called “Bow Tie” method . It involves a funnel that highlights each stage. Of the customer relationship. From theWhich according to him brings slower results. But more sustainable over time than those of Growth Hacking and Growth Marketing.

Spendesk’s Allbound Marketing Strategy

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Spendesk changed its strategy with the arrival of Juliette Hervé. They only practiced Outbound Marketing , and the strategy turned out to be incomplete. Juliette BI lists Hervé set up and the observation is clear. The unprecedented results translate numerically: out of 50 sales employees in France, 5 are entirely dedicated to Inbound Marketing, and they generate 55% of Spendesk’s business. ” Unlike Spendesk, ReachMaker started from scratch and had no infrastructure or marketing team, either outbound or inbound. Caroline Mignaux has chosen to face these constraints by using Growth Marketing to seek maximum growth by committing the minimum of resources. It is very important for her to define this term and to make a clear distinction with Growth Hacking.


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