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Psychomarketing to attract and retain

On the occasion of the 5ᵉ edition of Inbound Marketing France , which took place in  2022 at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes, Stefan Lendi held a conference on a theme dear to him, Psychomarketing .  If you missed it, don’t panic, this article presents the definition of this term and the first elements allowing it to be put into practice, as well as some of the answers that Stefan Lendi was able to give to questions from the public. Stefan Lendi is a Swiss marketer, he is the inventor of Psychomarketing. After collaborating with large companies (Nestlé, IBM, Danone), he embarked on his Psychomarketing adventure. He wrote a reference book: “Psychomarketing: attracting and retaining even more customers!” and helps different entities to develop their activities thanks to its method.

The stages of psychomarketing

Psychomarketing is a methodology that combines psychology and marketing, based on brain activities, on humans . It consists of triggering in your target a Belarus Phone Number List series of psychic. States which will have the purpose of bringing him to carry .Out the action that you expected of him. This action can be of different natures.But the real purpose of psychomarketing is to retain your customer. And to transform him into an ambassador. Observing yourself, analyzing and understanding your own cognitive biases first. In order to be able to reach your market as objectively as possible., without prejudice;the transformation : demonstrate how our product will transform. The prospect from his current state.

The relationship between psychomarketing and inbound marketing

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is a marketing methodology that consists of bringing the customer to you rather than going BI lists to him. To do this, it is necessary to highlight its services through a qualified and personalized experiences. Simply put, it’s about building useful relationships and solving problems faced by your target audience. According to Stéfan Lendi, Psychomarketing complements and expands inbound Marketing . On this subject, he says: “To set up Psychomarketing, you have to understand the brain mechanisms and use them in your marketing strategy, this is something that Inbound lacks.”



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