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What if inbound marketing was a metro line

Inbound marketing is an approach that does not always appeal to everyone. And if to explain it, we take This is the vision offered by Mounir, from the in an original infographic. You don’t know how to explain inbound marketing to your manager or to colleagues unfamiliar with the language of marketing? This content is for you. Welcome to the Inbound Marketing line. 4 stations separate you from your destination.” Seen from this angle, to reach the terminus of the line. But at each station, travelers can leave the metro. This is why at each station, you have to to make him want to continue his journey in your company.

 If your site is ergonomic and your content

Attraction” is the first station on the line. In practice, this means that an Internet user arrives on your site because he found you via search engines or social Portugal Phone Number List networks. He by learning about a specific problem that he encounters in his daily life. If your site is ergonomic and your content is relevant,will arrive at the next station. Arriving at the “Conversion” stationThey have browsed your site, identified their problem and are now looking for a solution to fix it. The visitor notices content that addresses one of their issues, for example a white paper dedicated to inbound marketing. He will therefore fill out a form to download this premium content and .You now know more about this person traveling alongside you. Depending on the fields requested in your forms, you now know their last name, first name, function and perhaps even their need.

Do you know that your traveler is looking

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To bring your visitors to the “Conclusion” station, ie to push them to the “decision” and turn them BI lists into customers, you must now offer them a new experience. It is will be of great use to you here. Do you know that your traveler is looking to know how to improve their commercial prospecting? Content on social selling or the benefits of a CRM in customer relations may interest him. A workflow configuration in , or any other platform, will allow you to and their previous actions on your site. Do you have a CRM? The benefits are multiplied! With a login, contacts who enter your marketing automation platform will also appear in your CRM.  (pages viewed, content downloaded, themes of interest, etc.): a gold mine for getting in touch with these prospects and turning them into customers.

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