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How to set up an inbound recruiting

Employer Brand Manager, gives us her feedback on how the employer brand has made the shift to “inbound recruiting” in support of more than 5,000 job opportunities per year in France. Recruitment professionals are increasingly using marketing techniques to attract qualified candidates who match their corporate culture. The employer brand is the perfect illustration of this, at the crossroads between employees, candidates and clients. A new concept is currently emerging strongly in the HR sphere, that of inbound recruiting. Inspired by inbound marketing, it consists of producing content with high added value to attract the desired target.

What is the link between inbound marketing

To better understand what an inbound recruiting strategy looks like, we interviewed Muriel Nicou, Employer Branding, Marketing & HR Experiences Manager at Peru Phone Number List AXA. With first place for two consecutive years in the Potentialpark ranking of the best digital HR strategy, Even if the two areas may seem distant at first glance, many techniques have been transposed from marketing to HR in recent years. Experience is at the heart of the challenges today, whether for clients or candidates. There is an HR “customer” lifecycle, just like there is a business “customer” lifecycle. It is necessary to adapt our responses and our communication to the needs encountered during the different stages of this cycle.

In what context has inbound recruiting become

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In recruitment, this translates into the ability. To get in touch with a candidate, to get to know him. To show him that he has an interest in joining us. You have to be BI lists able to surprise him with content. To shake up his received ideas. But also to make him project himself towards a position with us. The new uses resulting from the explosion of time spent on the web force us to communicate differently to achieve this. We live in a world of infobesity, where there are always more requests. It is necessary to stand out and put in place strategies that will reach candidates with content that interests them, to provide them with a particular service. This is where inbound recruiting comes in.

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