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7 myths about inbound marketing

Faced with the proliferation of digital tools and the evolution of consumer behavior, companies must now adapt to their target and offer them relevant content while remaining respectful of their privacy.  A technique that improves the image of the company and engages its visitors through content adapted to their interest, is becoming more and more essential. Nevertheless, this marketing strategy must  Refractory or not, this article will shed new light on you and, we hope, will break down your prejudices.

I already have content thanks to my website 

The content of your site, called cold content, presents your company and your activity. It does Paraguay Phone Number List not necessarily respond to the issues of your personas. When prospects are looking for information, it’s   so that they don’t have to look elsewhere. To talk about their problems and their “rocks in the shoe”. You can in particular create   (it’s a effective format to capture attention. Where consumers are increasingly overwhelmed with information and increasingly in a hurry). It’s up to you to find the best way to answer your prospects’ questions.Of course, content creation is an essential first step to attract leads and be better referenced, but inbound marketing goes even further.Inbound marketing therefore intervenes upstream, as , in order to identify your high-potential prospects and make your prospecting effective.

We already do inbound marketing because 

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Inbound marketing completely rethinks the way companies communicate by letting the customer come to them. This method goes through the creation of BI lists blog articles but not only, it requires in particular the Inbound marketing goes further because it responds to a ROI vision of your digital strategy. For this, inbound marketing implements other bricks. That’s right, but what do you do with prospects who have not yet decided on their act of purchase. If a prospect is contacted when they are not yet ready in their purchase decision, you risk obtaining inconclusive results.  As decision-making can take longer from one person to another. It is important to provide him and to position himself at the right time, neither too early nor too late.

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