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Want to get started in marketing automation

With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning allowing systems to perform certain processes more efficiently than their human counterparts, it becomes inevitable for most businesses to consider automating . But what is there to know before taking the plunge? What indicators do you use to   And above all, when  will  be visible? Discover through this infographic the key information you need to know to  in optimizingeed to know to make marketing automation a valuable asset in optimizing the results .

All the key figures to be found in this infographic

Stand out on social networks can be a solution. Flavien  Chantrel (from the Moderator’s Blog), Yvain Ducrocq (from Interflora) and Jean-Baptiste Griveaud, from Panama Phone Number List Mon Petit Gazon, told us about their strategy. A few examples are worth more than a long speech. To make you want to listen to the podcast of this conference, here are some nuggets from the community managers of Interflora and Mon Petit Gazon. We often think about it in recruitment strategies, but what if you also turned them into ambassadors to their network? You might be surprised by the results. Ramsay Santé has set up an ambassador program based on Limber, an Employee Advocacy solution.

We are often familiar with certain concepts

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Allow employees to easily distribute content on social networks to reinforce the company’s brand image. Today, 60 ambassadors are active on the platform. Discover BI lists in this video all the keys to this strategy.The GDPR was adopted in 2018 and yet.Almost 2 years later.We sometimes still have difficulty seeing clearly as marketers. We are often familiar with certain concepts found. In this European regulation, but concretely. So, to adapt to this digital transformation. Why not go through a different team management. Focusing on continuous improvement. Employee empowerment or even visual management.Finally, for 2021, the heart of our issues remains digital transformation. We are all using more and more digital tools, but are we really agile on a daily basis in our ways of working? Let’s take advantage of the digital transformation.


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