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How industry players outperform

The first confinement. The operating margin stood at -45% in the 2nd quarter of 2020 according to the UIMM. “In industry, business leaders in the “upstream” sectors of metallurgy as well as those in aeronautics, interviewed at the end of August-beginning of September, considered their level of activity to be lower, by around a quarter compared to normal”. In this slump, . They even took advantage of the period to gain market share from their direct competitors who had invested little in customer relations. Here is the experience of two manufacturers, . They invested, long before the crisis, in  . As a result, their activity benefits from an insolent growth.

At Lynred webinars create 3 times more audience

Accustomed to international trade fairs, Lynred builds customer loyalty and marks its presence at face-to-face events. The health crisis and the cancellation Norway Phone Number List of all of their shows have pushed the marketing and sales teams to . French manufacturer and European leader of infrared detectors, Lynred operates in various sectors such as defence, security and transport. This need for communication adapted to each market has made it possible to. For 3 years, Cézame Conseil. Inbound marketing strategies significantly increase their business volume, with 100% more leads generated and email opening rates of more than 50% in the first 6 months. Prospects being more mature and more qualified.

The airbag market with growth

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Therefore engage in conversation with them and close sales more easily. “Naturally, when trade shows were canceled in early 2020.Now having the reflex BI lists of automation, we have created Webmecanik Automation campaigns for registrations and post-event follow-up. We have tripled our usual audiences,” says Sylvie Boaglio, Webmarketing and Product Promotion Manager at Lynred. The Savoyard start-up  has become, in less than 5 years, the leader in self-activating airbags for motorcyclists. Their first innovation is based on a learning algorithm that anticipates the types of falls in order to decide when to trigger the airbag. Already more than 1000 falls and as many human tragedies avoided.

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