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To optimize your online content

Muriel Gani, author of “Writing for the web” and consultant in digital editorial strategy, was present at the 4th edition of Inbound Marketing France for . During this masterclass, Muriel Gani . Placed at the heart of the inbound marketing strategy, there has never been so much written content as in the digital era. The objective today is twofoldIn this article from the BDM, Muriel Gani describes the best practices to adopt to optimize your online content. Writing for the web requires . We must take an interest in their expectations and their needs, by asking themselves the question.

Understand the needs of prospects and customers

This step contributes to specifying, then prioritizing the personas because “if we make content for everyone, we don’t interest anyone” .When writing Honduras Phone Number List online content . A detail that is very important as the concentration time is more or less reduced when reading on a screen. Always with a view to retaining the attention of a prospect, it is necessary (between 15 and 20 words). If you’re targeting an expert audience, you need to deliver expert content. However,  to make reading easier.You have to go to the essentials to satisfy the prospect or customer. Similarly, particular attention should be paid to the title. Here again, it is necessary to favor precision and conciseness to make it impactful. Using one-upmanship will only result in loss of confidence on the part of the prospect.

Make time for proofreading

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Links have a vital place in online content. On the one hand, because t. On the other hand, . The links must therefore be explicitly integrated. Proofreading is BI lists a key step. It . Bringing in an outside perspective will have certain advantages in order to detect surplus information. The element that will represent your call to action is also crucial. To correctly choose the way to address your prospects. Finally, because it targets the main information and orients the reader.  why” several times, in order to broaden the field to be covered. At the same time,  on smartphone or computer, at work, etc.

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