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Captivate your audience with

Copywriting   and    are writing techniques used in content marketing strategies to captivate their audience, humanize their discourse and/or encourage them to generate action . Generation zapping, notifications, infobesity… the intensive use of digital tools has ,  which continues to decline. A study claims that our attention span would be 8 to 9 seconds! If we add to this the fact that   because of intrusive, poorly targeted advertisements, fake news, spam, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out and interest your audience. ! But then, how to capture these precious moments of attention? First of all,   of those to whom we are speaking; then    to captivate his audience.

Knowing your audience a prerequisite

These strategies both call on writing techniques which have the common objective of “sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time Guatemala Phone Number List on the right channel”. It is, again and again, about  . Then first identify your personas to analyze their expectations, needs and motivations. Then, make sure you understand their barriers to purchase, their “pain points”, their pain points. Rely on explicit data (socio-demographic data provided by your prospects and customers when placing their orders, subscriptions to the newsletter, etc.) and implicit data (their behavior on your website, the time spent reading this or that article blog, interactions on social networks, etc.). Observe their purchase preferences and frequencies to isolate the offers and products that generate the most (and least) interest. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses based on the market, the competition and your business history.

What is the difference between copywriting and storytellin

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Now that you know your audience and what their real needs are, you will be able to write content BI lists using different editorial techniques such as copywriting  storytelling. These two approaches are mainly distinguished by the achievement of their objectives over time: Copywriting  relies on formulations to encourage Internet users to take action quickly Its results are then assessed in the   . Storytelling  aims to humanize the company through narrative threads that speak to its audience Its actions are measured, as for them, rather  . Copywriting is therefore a writing technique that must generate immediate results. It is used to encourage its audience. To perform an action such as .From a newsletter, a website, etc. Contact form to register for an event, subscribe to a newsletter, participate in a contest, etc. Entire post on social networks through.

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