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How to organize a webinar

The back-to-school period is often conducive to implementing  If you’ve ever organized a webinar, you know that it’s a . If you haven’t started this experience yet, no problem. We now explain how to organize an effective webinar at a lower cost.On , start by identifying an original theme and finding a catchy title. However, be sure to  to avoid making false promises and thus creating disappointment with your audience. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What would you have liked to learn by reading this title.

Technique the pillar of your webinar

Loss of connection, video cut, a microphone that does not work, subscribers who cannot connectRest assured, if you anticipate several elements, none Guatemala Phone Number List of this should happen on the big day. We therefore advise you to check all the parameters before the D-Day, in particular  etc. Many platforms now allow you to organize a webinar. For example, you might consider , online conferencing platforms designed for creating  .  Thanks to these platforms, you will be able to. The base of your webinar is now in place, all you have to do is talk about it around you.comfortable speaking and with their subject, able to establish interaction between them and bounce back on the messages of the participants. Do you have the content and the speakers.

Does the organization of an event tempt you

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If you want to organize an event, another solution is possible. Do you already have a marketing automation platformallowing you to create landing pages? You BI lists then already have the necessary tools to develop your event. On the other hand, if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can turn to solutions like  . Indeed, the Weezevent platform allows you to  where you can add a dematerialized ticketing module and integrate it on the Weezevent mini-site, on your site or on your Facebook page. . This system includes many features: pre-orders, account recharging, online reimbursement, access control, etc. In addition to managing registrations and the payment part, . You can therefore easily follow the sales made on your different channels thanks to comprehensive and intuitive dashboards.

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