ABM trends and best practices for 2021

In the world of B2B marketing, three letters are ubiquitous: ABM, for  . A marketing concept based on a company’s ability to interact with its customers in a personalized and individualized way that has been transformed with the digitalization of organizations. In a world that borders on infobesity , it is the ability of sellers to intelligently exploit data that can make the difference to . Whether you know the basics or are simply curious, let’s see how ABM can increase your commercial firepower. Capturing the attention of potential customers. Today is very different from what was the case a few years ago. With mass marketing. We live in an engagement economy. Where everyone is connected and this new horizon brings challenges for companies. Who must constantly sort through. The growing abundance of information. In a world where the cacophony is perpetual.

The three types of ABM

It is precisely to fight against this state of affairs thatis so promising, because it focuses only on the search for customers with high added value, instead of casting a Guatemala Phone Number List wide net without taking an in-depth interest in customer issues. Account-Based Marketing is a B2B-oriented strategy that adapts to your customer types, according to three ranges. This is an approach that is used when the number of key accounts is generally . Account managers know by heart the functioning of client companies, their internal decision-making processes, key or influential members, and the needs expressed or not. Each account can generate significant income and they are all  . This is a model that focuses on a number of large accounts that variesIt is a little more difficult to get to know all. The companies intimately because of the wider scope of action. The goal is to focus on common issues and work .With appropriate tools to detect and identify .Key account decision makers. While automating part of the work.

Alignment of teams and business methods

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This is a broad-spectrum ABM that replicates best practices for key accounts of up to . The scale BI lists changes and we act transversally on an industry or a sector of activity in the broad sense. Whatever your model, your business objectives and your organization. There is a must when it comes toor in English the “  sales ”. We then speak of  to bring these two worlds together in order to create a unique, multidisciplinary group capable of working together. This alignment aims to remove the organizational silos that prevent good communication between departments. The goal is for both teams to build a strong relationship based on common goals and a unified strategy to achieve them. This is an important prerequisite for aligning sales teams and marketing teams towards a common goal .

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