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The winning B2B marketing formula

ABM – Account-Based Marketing, upstream of the sales journey, and KAM – Key Account Management, downstream, are acclaimed by companies in the B2B sector because they allow to obtain better results than traditional approaches.  ABM and KAM are two stages of the same approach, and cannot, in my opinion, be conceived without each other. This highly targeted and strategic marketing approach aims to focus on a limited number of customers and prospects, which generates a high ROI. It covers the entire sales cycle – from prospecting to building loyalty.

A small number of precisely selected customers

That is, 80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers. It is therefore more profitable to Uruguay Phone Number List concentrate on these large customers. Than to exhaust yourself accumulating a multitude of small customers.  But it seems difficult to separate them because they claim the.    And follow which consists of proactively approaching a small number of precisely. Selected customers and exploiting them. All the potential. Account-based marketing .Is located upstream of the sales cycle and aims. Key account management – ​​takes over from abm and optimizes. The potential of these customers.

Which communicates with a list of contacts

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Abm and kam are based on the principle .Of personalized actions and the creation of content adapted. To the selected accounts (white papers, case studies, articles, infographics.  etc.).They differ from   (marketing to accounts). Which BI lists communicates with a list of contacts but. Which does not focus on personalizing the approach and. The messages. Have you created a fairly large volume of high value-added content. The content is specifically aimed at a company or a sector of activity. Demonstrating .That your organization has fully understood the expectations and .That it has an appropriate response to the problem encountered.


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