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The benefits of a customer-centric strategy

Placing the customer at the center of its thinking is today a key step in the implementation of a strong marketing strategy. Thus, it is rumored that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likes to leave an empty chair when he organizes strategy meetings. In reality, this place is reserved for “the most important person in the room: the customer”. One of Jeff Bezos’ goals is to make Amazon “the most customer-centric company on the planet”. Everything must therefore be designed with the customer in mind, who becomes the main pillar of your corporate culture. One of the pioneers of the customer-centric strategy, Peter Fader, defines precisely what a customer-centric strategy means in his book.

Their long-term financial value in the company

This is to focus only on the “real world”, that is to say customers  . “It is a strategy that aligns the development of services and products with the current needs of Ukraine Phone Number List a restricted segment of customers in order to maximize their long-term financial value in the company”. Being customer-oriented therefore means focusing all decision-making by constantly measuring the potential impact they may have on customers. Customer orientation therefore leads to a real segmentation of your customers. The latter then allows you to attract the “best customers” while adapting your strategy to their specific needs. We must focus on thethat is to say the sum of the estimated and expected profits over the lifetime of a customer. This is how a customer who consumes little but frequently will have greater value for the company than a customer who spends a lot but less frequently. In fact, according to the Center for Retail Management .

The customer retention rate is also a major player

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As evidenced by the CEO of, Mark Parker, who affirms that “Everything we do starts with the customer. It is our obsession.” The company thus focuses   three BI lists customer segments: women, runners and young athletes. In 2015, its sales of women’s sportswear doubled in half. Thanks to this strategy, Nike dominates the sportswear market with a turnover of 28 billion dollars per year (25 billion euros) and represents 48% of the sports shoes market in the United States. The customer retention rate is also a major player in a customer-centric strategy. This refers to the life cycle of a customer in a company. The more he buys the products offered. In financial services. For example, an increase in retention rates can.  The quest for efficiency through low production costs is no longer appropriate in marketing. Thus, to increase the retention rate, Patrick Gauthier, said. “We have to think a little less about payments and. A little more about the people who spend”.

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