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9 customer service KPIs to measure

This English acronym stands for  Key Performance Indicator  and designates the indicators on which an entity bases itself to measure the achievement of its objectives and the efficiency of its operational management. In the same way as a commercial activity, customer service is also subject to performance objectives in terms of customer satisfaction, responsiveness in processing requests or even its propensity to build loyalty. More than a control or sanction tool, measuring the performance of customer service is a fundamental prerequisite for improving the quality of the service provided and positively impacting the life cycle of a customer.

How to transform the after-sales service

Customer service performance indicators dedicated to measuring its profitability and efficiency exist, both to drive a real strategy in the service of the customer experience and within the company itself. The KPIs dedicated to Uganda Phone Number List customer service make it possible to determine its ROI. This department is wrongly perceived as a cost center while its activity contributes to generating sales. Assigning each KPI a clear and unequivocal definition also makes it easier to read and adopt by everyone. This metric  immediately following a customer. Interaction with the brand .It usually boils down to one question. “Are you satisfied with our services. What the customer must answer with yes or no. Its calculation is done in the form .Of a ratio to obtain a percentage. The major advantage of this indicator is .That it is measured in real time and allows. Rapid action in the event of dissatisfaction.

To what extent would you recommend this product

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This indicator consists in questioning .The consumer after an interaction with the brand BI lists on his propensity. To recommend the product or service. Concretely, the nps translates into. A simple question such as: ” to those around you?” A rating scale ranging. From 0 to 10, with 0 indicating zero likelihood of recommendation. The analysis of the results allows the company to categorize. The customers into 3 segments: the formula for this kpi consists of calculating a ratio. Which can be positive or negative depending on the proportion of detractors. This kpi is also linked to the measurement of satisfaction.

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