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The newsletter a response to social

If you’re interested in the tech world, you’re potentially .Already one of the 30,000 subscribers to the excellent dumb. And mean about the tech world” newsletter . Its editors, lauren boudard (author and investigator) and dan geiselhart. (author and journalist), also founded thethanks. To a  crowdfunding that already has 1,000 paying subscribers. Ahead of their conference given at the  event. Bdm asked them about the newsletter, a format that has been experiencing. A strong comeback in recent years. And it got even worse with the recent launch. Of our climax newsletter, a paid format. With a smaller but even more engaged community.

The email format and the newsletter have come back

Huge question! Email is the outdated format par excellence. specially since our Ivory Coast Phone Number List mailboxes are already well saturated. But for all that, it is not insignificant that  and it is, in our opinion, due to a combination of factors. First, it’s a  and escape the constant bombardment of information .Secondly, it’s and allows them to override the all-powerful algorithms of large platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We know: by modifying their terms of use one morning, platforms can divide an audience by three without the publisher having a say. Email is something else: it’s. It’s almost a form of taking back power And finally,  which seems to us healthier, more intimate. We tend to consider the newsletter as a very cold, vertical medium.

Creating a newsletter is good but you still need to

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Originally, the format of the newsletter was not calculated as a strategic choice but more as a choice of convenience. A bit like the podcast, t the technical BI lists barriers at least! With a good idea and a good tone, it’s pretty easy to get started and yet, oddly, few people do it or do it wrong (in our opinion!). It is from this observation that the while the format allows creative freedom that is still largely under-exploited. The idea was to say to ourselves that with a studio after more than three years already of rolling our bump in the field. And we must admit, this idea was also born because of many incoming requests that we received last yea Finally, on our side, all that was left to do was to structure an offer to meet the demand.

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