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Seth Godin gives us his vision of marketing

Seth Godin is an  Author of some twenty very popular books on the discipline but also on personal development, As part of his participation in as guest of honor, Seth Godin answered questions posed by BDM. In this interview, he goes back to the basics of marketing and its raison d’être. Marketing has split into multiple topics, which can sometimes run counter to its original purpose. Marketing is not about advertising, hustling consumers or following fashion. Companies and organizations that respect this starting point make their lives much easier. But if you don’t, no matter what algorithms you use, how big your data centers are, they won’t succeed.

Do you think that marketing has become more

It is clearly more technical. But the successes that people can identify clearly do not come from these technical parts! If we look at Louis Vuitton’s 200-year history, why do 25% of women in Japan own a brand bag? Is it Jamaica Phone Number List because they are technically good at marketing? I do not believe ! If we try to understand why services like Twitter or Clubhouse exploded, it’s not because they were technically good at marketing either. They gave people something to talk about.  I believe there is a confusion between personal and personalized. Personalized applies when inserting the name of a person in an automatic email. Personal is about people, what they would miss if it wasn’t there. I also think it depends on what you are selling. If you’re selling something to a lot of people with a low margin, you can’t afford to offer human interactions with your users or customers. Google is a good example. Conversely, if you sleep in a hotel at 500 euros per night, you expect a concierge to be there to welcome you, help you, guide you according to your needs. 

Do you think these vanity metrics go against

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Is its objective to make me look more important in my company or compared to my competitors or is it aligned with my missions.I don’t know how many people BI lists read my blog, RT my articles or how many books I’ve sold because it’s not necessary for me. If I was interested in these numbers, I would seek to increase them and all my actions seeking to increase them would make my work less good. I think the very idea of ​​industrial capitalism causes confusion. There is, however, little correlation between getting bigger and being happier, being more successful or even having more profit. The question of success is thisFor this to be the case.If we seek to differentiate ourselves, we quickly fall into selfishness. If we seek to position ourselves, the posture is generous. To be different is to push everyone, to play elbows to become unique.

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