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The importance of data exploitation

Mick Lévy is director of business innovation at Business & Decision.  Author of the book “ published by Dunod last February, he is the great witness of the . In an interview conducted by BDM, Mick Lévy discusses the importance of new uses of data and artificial intelligence in the business ecosystem.  Too few still consider them as an asset. And this is true for all companies, of all sizes and in all sectors! They all have data that is unique but yet little or not exploited. The first part of the manifesto is therefore based on an incentive to use artificial intelligence to do so.

Are the two topics related

The second assumes that . This of course includes subjects around data protection, which Jordan Phone Number List we have already been hearing about for a few decades, but which take on a whole new importance with artificial intelligence, which adds a notion of ethics to the debate. We cannot have an intensive use of data if we do not know exactly what we have. This is the very first subject. We generally know how to quantify many things that do not deliver value. However, having a vision of this asset and what it can be worth in terms of use is often complex. To have a controlled, ethical but also intensive use, and thus generate value, the very first thing is to take an interest in this heritage and to know it better. We must of course start by  or that can be within our reach. For internal data, there are tools that can automate the census if desired.

What types of companies and what types

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This is also a regulatory obligation for certain types of data such as personal data with the BI lists GDPR. Then, you have to  . For this, it is important to focus on use cases. In the case of marketing, this concerns, for example, the  in particular thanks to the predictive capacities of AI. What products might he be interested in? When is he likely to leave the company and terminate his contracts? This will also concern the customer experience and its personalization, the recommendation engines, with the key to improving the ROI and the processes of the marketing department. Not to mention social listening, which consists of  These are fairly standard use cases in the field of marketing that promise very good returns on investment.

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