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A new version to fight against

While we have never had access to so much information .Between filter bubbles, fake news and oriented content, opening up to discovery and succeeding in forming an opinion without falling into heated debates is not easy. 4 years ago when it was launched, Flint already had the objective of  . Benoit Raphaël, its founder, launched which further reinforces this desire. You can now  and benefit from the platform’s virtuous algorithms to rethink the way you keep informed.Flint is an information explorer. Based on artificial and collective intelligence, it has been sending . Its objective is to help us . And by helping us get out of our info bubble. 

For those who don’t know him yet, can you present the Flint project

The artificial intelligence is based on the analysis of the behavior of more than 20,000 experts verified by us on Twitter with several million contents and by Israel Phone Number List the collective education of the Flint community. Every day, more than 400 of our customers educate Flint and its fleet of robots to train their general culture. It has evolved with its community of 22,000 readers, professionals and/or information enthusiasts, all of whom have come by word of mouth. A  which now holds 30% of the capital since our fundraising in 2020 from our subscribers. I exchange with them every Sunday as well as on the Discord platform.  The health crisis, which was also an information crisis, has reinforced our convictions and the social mission of the company. 

The newsletter experienced a strong revival of interest

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The simple letter has become a newspaper to compose oneself, of which we are the editor or editor-in-chief. The new platform combines virtuous algorithms and educational sections to . We have also developed our offer to BI lists companies: tailor-made services with Flint Intelligence. It is an thanks to a reinforced technology specifically to adapt to the needs of precision and identification of weak signals of customers.This also applies to recommendation algorithms. And we can not say that this is the case with social networks! Flint robots have been designed and designed to appear empathetic, accessible and transparent in their use. much like a “tamagotchi” and is responsible for it.  Yes, because technology is at the service of humans and not the other way around. In addition, in the new platform, We are betting on human collaboration to renew our relationship with information.

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