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The new conversational communication

When we think of chatbots, it is often from a customer service perspective, in order to handle simple requests with low added value automatically. This is the most profitable use for chatbot: on the one hand, it makes the customer journey more fluid, responds 24 hours a day, relieves advisers of simple answers, etc. This is confirmed by the data on the use of the web: the mobile represents nearly 40% of the consultations against 57% on PC. However, in the context of consumption of information on mobile or via mobile messaging applications, it is necessary to rethink its content strategy and adapt it , just like for other traditional channels.

Producing content that is closer to the user

It is essential for all content creators to take this trend into account now, because not only will communications via messaging applications increase in the Romania Phone Number List months and years to come, but in addition, codes and uses will spread. on other channels. This is already the case on  LinkedIn, for example, with a democratization of the use of emoticons and conversational mode. Conversation, once the preserve of personal messages via SMS, has become the norm in social media posts and emails. However, beyond the form, there is also the substance. And this is where chatbotsespecially on Facebook Messengershow us the way forward, with interactive, user-centric content marketing and their actions. The technical constraints of chatbots.

Is conversational marketing

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You do not push content, but you discuss with the reader, with real interaction . t is no longer a question of reading dozens of lines or paragraphs, but rather dozens BI lists of words. you have to interest and appeal to generate interest, and no longer push content that pleases the company or is off-putting. the content is not generic and identical for everyone, but it is personalized (eg the Internet user’s answers allow him to compare himself, to have a personalized answer, etc.).  it is no longer a question of being simply passive, but on the contrary of interacting with the Chatbot in question / answer mode.As unsubscribing and not reading can cause communications to stop (especially on Messenger). You have to renew yourself, while always finding subjects that will interest 80% of your audience.

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