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How to get out of the grip of social networks

When Twitter borrowed this idea from other applications in 2009, it mainly aimed to make life easier for tweeters, by preventing them from copying the tweet when they wanted to share it. But recently, Twitter is currently testing sending a signal to users to ask them if they thought it best to read it first. When we do inbound marketing, whatever the quality of the content we offer, we are still very happy that all this is spreading at high speed on social networks.  Aren’t the noble objectives of Inbound Marketing sabotaged by the aim of high frequency reactivity.

why should all the media themselves adopt

How could such a practical design become so toxic? In fact, this responsiveness encouraged by .like on all social networks that have invented equivalents to share, like, publish more and more ephemeral stories, etc. Who Senegal Phone Number List wanted this? Not the users but the platforms which have understood that to generate traces of engagement and use them to resell them to brands, you have to constantly push to react, by any sign whatsoever, even if it means generating completely undesirable effects of propagation.   Disruption by the advertising imperatives of social networks and their interaction design. But it also offers solutions to slow down this rhythm and get us out of this grip.

Is it very reasonable to set the time of political life

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However, this not only generates the invasion of fake news. Or hate speech which are now on the political agenda. But also which does not seem problematic at first BI lists sight. So much we are immersed in this flow of alerts. Admittedly, finance is used to it and advertising benefits from it.  Of this particular time of the media which was the dispatch .To the detriment of the other times, that of the news and that of the investigation? These other rhythms remain possible but are totally drowned in the flood of notifications. Alerts and reactions to reactions on the last catchphrase. The last clash , etc. Leaders as well as ordinary citizens now seem caught up in this race for reputation.

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