How to hack your content marketing

If you want to look into optimizing your inbound content for SEO, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we show you how to optimize your inbound content for SEO. A few months ago, Stéphane Truphème, alias organized awith Éléna Viens and Jonathan Henault from on the theme Couldn’t attend? We offer you a recap in a few points of what to remember.  Google launched its new BERT algorithm at the end of 2019. With this major update, the search engine marks its  . Indeed, what we retain above all from this algorithm is the attention paid to understanding the requests of Internet users, from the simplest to the most complex. This update appears as a response to new SEO trends and user practices on the web.

The art of pleasing your targets

The voice search is becoming more and more widespread. However, via voice search, we formulate new requests, very often in the form of questions. If voice search Slovenia Phone Number List is particularly present in BtoC – Have you ever asked Google: “Where to buy flowers?”must also take this emerging trend into account. . Your content and SEO work should take this into account. Google is no longer a search engine but an answer engine. An Internet user wants to be able to formulate a request and obtain the desired answer without even clicking on one of the engine results. In these two cases, your objective will be toto be able to inform the Internet user, ideally, without him even having to go to your site. To achieve this, the Holy Grail today consists of reaching position zero by playing on the  If you reach this zero position, then your content will be visible directly in the search results in a dedicated insert. Tempting isn’t it.

 If in general we notice that the best referenced

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Then there is the question of the that you will insert to guarantee optimal referencing in search engines. Content optimization is above all about producing BI lists content that meets the needs of your targets. The first step is to have a  and their information needs. Then there is the question of the  that you will insert to guarantee optimal referencing in search engines. To determine this, there is no miracle recipe. If in general we notice that the best referenced content is longer and longer , you should not generalize. The best way to know how long your content should reach is to look at what is produced by your competitors. To do this, do a Google search on the topic of your article. You can also rely on the SEM Rush algorithm which will help you identify the ideal length for your content.

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