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What are the challenges and opportunities

Invited to the inbound marketing france event. Four business leaders who publish marketing automation platforms discuss. The challenges and opportunities offered by. The implementation of a marketing automation strategy.At a time when the , where the is looking for information and inquires. Before making the purchase, it is necessary to be able. To him and  in his purchase project.One thing is certain in the choice of platform.It is essential to be accompanied. The ecosystem around the user is as important as the platform itself. Especially since if you encounter obstacles. Your marketing automation platform. Editor is able to help you overcome them.

Why is marketing automation revolutionizing

It is possible to have and  before launching, in particular for budgetary reasons, for fear of choosing an inappropriate technology or even resistance to change. And yet, it is important to   scenarios , to get started. The objective South Africa Phone Number List of marketing automation is not to make it a sales force management tool that will drive its salespeople. The idea of ​​”marketing automation” is closely and directly linked to inbound marketing, namely from knowing your personas to offer the right content, at the right time and to the right person. This knowledge is fundamental since it conditions the proper deployment of its.The results expected by the implementation of a marketing automation strategy can be quantitative on the hand.Our four guest experts in marketing automation are unanimous that it is not so much the tool that is important but rather the strategy it serves.

What returns on investment can we expect

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 Marketing automation collects data. You are able to analyze the behavior of your Internet users as well as the sales funnel. You can therefore develop a vision BI lists of the future ROI insofar as you can accurately measure .Where your interlocutor is in his purchasing cycle and on what type of products  services. You can also adapt your workforce according. To upcoming projects or plan your projects according. To the profile of your most committed prospects. you will be able to forecast at a certain level of precision the amount of your marketing budget expenses and also establish an impact on the company’s income. Beyond these quantified aspects of ROI, it is necessary to keep in mind that there is also a more.

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