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Inbound Marketing France is back in person

The international digital event is back to share with you all the keys to digital and help you develop your business. After a digital edition in 2021, the idea of ​​returning to a physical event quickly imposed itself: nothing like face-to-face! In addition to the quality presentations for which the event is renowned, IMF22 will also be an opportunity to meet and discuss again, other than behind a screen. This year again, we are going to make this event a remarkable day for you. A face-to-face day at the  in Rennes on  An exceptional program made up of nearly  , with more than and an data, Psycho Marketing, slow, editorial sobriety, omnichannel, BtoB influence.

The is taking shape do not hesitate

Inbound marketing with imposed customer cases private access to all conferences. Round Costa Rica Phone Number List tables and masterclasses filmed during the event. On the  channel for all participants, so you don’t miss. A thing! And  times with our partners. Speakers and other participant a novelty for 2022. To be discovered soon. The   we won’t tell you more for the moment so don’t miss this unmissable digital event .And the is taking shape, do not hesitate to consult it keep up. To date with all the news from inbound marketing france. By following us on  networks .This will tell you how many prospects have entered. Your value and persuasion spiral, what stage they are in.

To hear from you regularly

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You have the possibility of sendin immediately after a purchase, to. Just to say that the product is coming. Then BI lists create a series of e-mails and/or telephone contacts to explain how to use the product. And so on. Again, these emails may point to videos. The important thing is to  with your customers, which will be all the more appreciated. Talk human to human and . Your customers need to hear from you regularly., what phase, on average, they stop following you and how many of them end up buying. You’ll also be able to accurately measure.

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