PsychoMarketing applied to Digital Marketing

It is a new form of marketing that brings together. The quintessence of influencepersuasion  (direct marketing/copywriting. Behavioral sciences, nlp neuro-linguistic programming. Transactional analysis, etc.) grouped and orchestrated to catapult your results .The exact definition, taken from the eponymous book .   Gereso editionsby  is as follows: “psycho marketing is based on the of the prospect. Of the customer and employs actions to trigger a succession of  that lead to a . The psychomarketing methodology is designed to enable companies. Especially the smallest ones  to achieve unexpected results. Hitherto reserved for large groups. Although psycho marketing applies to. All forms of marketing (off or online). We will see here how to apply. It specifically to digital marketing.

Starting with yourself is the key to Psycho Marketing

To apprehend its market in a clairvoyant way, the methodology of Psycho Marketing prodigal to begin by  . Because our perception as a marketer or entrepreneur Croatia Phone Number List is biased: for example, we are often influenced by the first impression (mental anchoring bias), we deliberately avoid options for which we lack information (ambiguity effect) or we is sometimes unable to ignore irrelevant information (Stroop effect). You can find a list of perceptual biases, also called cognitive biases . Once you are clear about your biases, you are ready to   . In PsychoMarketing, we draw a particularly detailed portrait of our target client.We will indeed seek to target and , because if we manage to persuade him, the other customers will be all the easier to convince. Digital Marketing allows us to do  to better understand our client. This includes, for example, identifying what people are looking for on and going into more detail on a site like  You can refine the profile of your “skeptical specimen customer.

The first great phrase of PsychoMarketing is pre-influence

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By identifying the traits that stand out most in your existing customers. How to know? For example, by analyzing the sources of traffic for the best customers BI lists on an e-commerce site. And by on the site: what is their path to purchase? Does it go through the homepage? Do they have an interest in a certain type of product? Once the skeptical specimen client profile is well defined, it is time to use to bring it into what is called, in PsychoMarketing, a spiral of value and persuasion. NObtaining a from the prospect to change his desire temperature from “cold” to “boiling” is fundamental. Because a direct approach rarely works. During a study, for example, we approached strangers directly in the street to ask them for money. 28% accepted. But when we started by asking for the time before asking them for some money.


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