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What is editorial sobriety

Today, the trend is to communicate in all directions, everywhere, all the time. Often the results are measured, the famous return on investment; rarely . And yet, is increasing exponentially, audiences are saturated with information while communicators are overloaded with work. Adopting editorial sobriety invites us to take a step aside. What if we think before communicating out of habit? the performance of our action, the added value for the user, the environmental impacts of our actions… Adopting editorial sobriety invites you to focus on th to meet your objectives, instead of “always more”.Humility is placing yourself in the right place, without understating or exaggerating. This is a  in communication. In the posture.

Communicate less communicate better

Words that underline the consistency of our actions, this is what is expected today in communication. Content has a double challenge: with added value for Internet Colombia Phone Number List users, it serves the company’s communication objectives Ease of , simplicity of speech and just necessary information, these are the ingredients of  that supports the Internet user in his needs. Planning the  of content from its creation, its variation, to updating, archiving and deletion, is the key to  its process. Efficiency and performance guaranteed. Production costs are  by mastering the editorial system which limits the working time of the content producer. And above all, which gives more meaning to its activity.

The opportunities brought by sobriety

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Reducing the number and complexity of pages improves loading speed and adaptability on different terminals. The opportunity to against planned obsolescence. The BI lists content being clearer, its consultation time decreases. The user has everything to gain with sobriety. Structured content, devoid of bold and written in plain language improves their ability to appropriate and understand the information. In addition to reducing the mental load, sobriety promotes inclusion and reduces the Easier for the company to gain trust with users by controlling the  of publication, by selecting its  , by embodying its  and its words.

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