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Symptoms that could go unnoticed with the naked eye are now recorded in order to. For example, detect diseases early. his mobile or computer and makes efficient decisions about herd management, saving time and costs . With the Cattle-Watch system, the farmer also receives alerts in case of theft. And can send a drone with a built-in camera to the place where the cattle are . This “drone herder” is capable of counting the heads and recording images. Both during the day and at night, which the farmer can see live from his smartphone. Or computer without leaving his home.

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It’s normal for my father to hallucinate, isn’t it? When a cow is “close to calving” some anatomical changes are manifested in her, appreciable by a good and experienced observer. I don’t know how to explain it well, but my father showed me as a child how a depression in Armenia Phone Number List the area of ​​the beef’s hip, was sinking more and more as the day approached. That announced a close delivery and it was time to be alert. It is currently possible to replace the farmer’s eye with technology capable of detecting the changes in body temperature experienced by the animal prior to calving , calculating this moment.

Accurately and preparing it properly

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There are also other systems that identify the moment to inseminate a cow . Researchers have observed that when the animal comes into heat, it moves and agitates in a particular way. But this period only lasts between 12 and 18 hours every 21 days. The Gyuho system, developed BI Lists by Futijsu, is able to identify this moment thanks to a pedometer and send an alert to the farmer’s phone or computer so that he prepares the insemination and exponentially increases its success. They say that the precision is such that the system is even capable of indicating the best moment to do it if you want the offspring to be male or female.

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