I go downstairs to make myself a restorative

At home Without realizing it, robots are becoming part of the members of a typical household. In the coming years, more advanced robots will help us with all kinds of household chores. 06:30 in the morning. With the power still at half throttle,  coffee when I come face to face with a friendly robot paralyzed in a corner of the room, one leg turned inside out. I feel sorry to see him like this, immobile and in that uncomfortable position, so I proceed to wake him up with my mobile, paint a smile on his friendly interface and unlock that mess of legs for him to accompany me on my way to the kitchen.

Who was going to tell me

That a robot would even be nice to me and that this virtual life was going.  To be incorporated into our home in the most natural way in the world! In more and more homes, “human” family members live with robots and legos that come to life thanks to robotics and programming with languages ​​such as Scratch, Java, Ruby or Python, among many others . The nice new member of the family Austria Phone Number List that has arrived this Christmas and accompanies me in the morning coffees is called Zowi , a robot designed by BQ that uses an Arduino-based board and can be programmed using blocks in a web and mobile app,opening multiple possibilities to children in the field of programming.

In addition, Zowi has four servomotors

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low consumption Bluetooth connectivity, a microphone and a 5×6 pixel LED system with three buttons -two of them programmable. And all in an open environment with all that this entails. Zowi at home Another home companion, halfway between a toy and a playful BI Lists programming learning method. Which has also found a place in homes, is Lego WeDo , a robotics/mechanical kit specifically.  Designed for the youngest and that was born from a collaboration between Lego and MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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