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Images of cows that have replaced their traditional cowbells with modern connected collars . “, and together we remember that vacation tense in case one cow went into labor or another suffered an accident. “With this technology, the farmer sees everything on his mobile. He even finds out if he has been robbed.” Now it is my father who explains to me with growing enthusiasm. We both agree that we see this technology as a great solution, directly linked to productivity. Not for him, who never went beyond having more than two or three cows for family consumption, but for large cattle farms with herds of thousands of heads.

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It is possible to assume and monetize an.  Investment in technology of such magnitude. It is in this scenario where it is verified that the so. called Internet of Things (IoT) goes far beyond. The fact of having a refrigerator connected to the network . cow internet One of the leading  Argentina Phone Number List companies in this.  Sector is Cattle-Watch. Which recently signed an agreement with Telefónica to incorporate the Smart M2M (machine-to-machine) solution into its products for America, developed for the management and control of IoT communications.

Cattle-Watch thus promotes

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The development and implementation of a system that, according to what they say, will result in a greater amount of food for the world . cattle watch 2 The goal is certainly BI Lists a noble one. But how will they do it? How do their IoT connectivity solutions help farmers and productivity? Cattle-Watch has developed ear tags (plates that are placed as earrings) and electronic collars (equipped with sensors. Capable of transmitting in areas without mobile coverage and that work with solar energy), which collect and emit information on the behavior of cows , their nutritional and health status or their location.

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