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Cattle-Watch to connect the livestock

The application is responsible for communicating with Coin to transmit all the data. The card itself has a battery with a two-year autonomy , for the ears… until now, in the livestock sector is a reality thanks to Vital Herd . This company has developed an e-pill that stays in the ruminant stomach and controls heart rate, respiration, stomach acidity or hormone levels , and notifies those responsible if any problem is detected. Doubly amazing. we have talked about portable wearables that animals “wear”. But can you imagine ingestible wearables ? What in humans is still in the study phaseand a screen that shows.

Likewise, from the app

We can decide whether to block or unblock the card. It even contains a small GPS system , which will alert us to its location if we lose it.Connected cows also use wearables Cecilia Vega Hevia Cecilia Vega Hevia Telefónica partners with industry to the Internet of Things (IoT) I talk to my Algeria Phone Number List father about wearables . He has never heard of them. I explain to him that they are electronic devices that you wear , like a bracelet or a belt, and they tell you your pulse, how many steps you have taken or if you have gone too far with calories at mealtime.

He makes a face of not understanding

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But he nods. I tell him that even the cattle have their own wearables. That there are already.  little gadgets connected to the Internet that the cows “put on”. This way it BI Lists is possible to monitor them and know if they are sick, if they are going to give birth or if they are well fed. My father, who has been a small-scale farmer on my land, Asturias, for most of his life, hallucinates. We see photos on the Internet, a window into the world my father discovered just a few years ago.

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