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The transmission has no time limit and, once finished, the video is saved for 24 hours to be able to watch it later. periscope The formula was a success. Twitter bought the app and it was released on March 16, 2015 for iPhone and on March 26 for Android . In 4 months it achieved 10 million users. Media and advertisers warmly embraced the novelty. Apple ranked it at the top of its Best Apps of Last Year list . Now twitter has just announced that users of the microblogging network (using the iOS operating system) can now view live broadcasts from Periscope without leaving their timeline.

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Opens on our phone. Bose – Student, co-founder of Piper This senior at Harvard, specializing in molecular and cellular biology, made headlines five years ago when she won first prize in the Google ScienceFair project , which recognizes upcoming scientific geniuses. Since then Lithuania Phone Number List she has not stopped researching and thrilling the world with her innovative ideas. If the university and its investigations around, for example, ovarian cancer, were not enough, in 2015 this young woman was one of the architects of Piper , a kit for children -and not so children- to learn electronics from the popular video game Minecraft.

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Everything you need to create circuits and see how they interact on a screen with Minecraft. The idea, which teaches while having fun, took the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter by storm, raising five times the initial goal of $50,000. For Bose, creativity is an important part of the BI Lists scientific process. “It’s impossible to be good at science without being creative,” he explains. “You need to think of innovative ways to build something new or use what we already have in a different way to drive progress forward.” Stewart Butterfield – CEO and co-founder of Slack Is it time to say goodbye to email in our workplaces? If you give Slack a try , you’ll probably decide yes yourself.

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