Periscope was supposed to be a very easy

Sergio Álvarez and Javier de la Torre – Founders of CartoDB They want to change the world. At least order it based on maps. This is the ambitious project of Sergio Álvarez and Javier de la Torre, two young people who saw a few months ago how CartoDB, founded in 2007, received a new round of financing of 23 million dollars led by AccelPartners, one of the most powerful funds in Silicon Valley and initial investor in Facebook, Spotify or Dropbox. The tool, based on open source and a pioneer in the analysis and visualization of geolocated maps , has already invested 31 million dollars, something that very few Spanish startups can boast of.

CartoDB Data by itself is useless

But with software that allows you to easily order, analyze and visualize them on maps, they become essential for decision-making in companies. Here you can see examples of the maps they make for clients such as NASA, Google, Twitter, Unicef, Wall Street Journal or the New Lebanon Phone Number List  York City Hall . In 2015, CartoDB increased its number of clients by 250%, and its number of users by 350%. Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein – Founders of Periscope They weren’t the only ones who tried. Neither did the first. But they knew how to make a difference.

When Kayvon Beykpour and

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Joe Berstening were developing Periscope in 2014, they realized that if they wanted their streaming video platform to be successful, they had to overcome the feeling of fear and vertigo experienced by live broadcasts.  platform to use . You press the transmit button on your smartphone BI Lists and the world witnesses what you see. And above all, the key should be in the immediate feedback , that is, the possibility that the receivers can send likes, in the form of hearts, by touching the screen directly, or comment in real time on the streaming they are viewing. Thus, the sender can answer, turn the direction of the camera or end the streaming.

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