We create a work group in Slack and from there

Slack arose out of necessity, when StewardButterfield, also a co-founder of Flicker, was looking for an efficient way to communicate with his partners while building a new gaming startup. Perhaps being born in this gaming environment, and not in one dominated by employees in suits and ties, marked the character of Slack, a tool that does not have the gray appearance of other competitors at all. slack Slack is a powerful, useful and very easy-to-use corporate communication tool that in a short time has become indispensable in the offices of large international companies.

Everything starts from the work groups

If we are faced with a new project, instead of sending an email to our work team.  We begin to share information and work files quickly and orderly. You may think that this was already offered by IRC chats or channels. But the added value of Slack is its integration with other tools  Luxembourg Phone Number List and services for the company such as Dropbox, Github, IFTTT, RSS, hangouts, etc.. In addition, the service has its corresponding app. Synchronized in real time, so that you can continue interacting with your work team anywhere. Rana el Kaliouby – Director of strategy and science at Affectiva.  When you are watching a commercial on television, your face reveals emotions.

A smile, a grimace, a frown

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Eyes wide open in surprise, a sign of confusion… Affectiva , the technology that researcher Rana el Kaliouby has been working on for years has the potential. To recognize and capture these responses. facials and compare them with hundreds. Of thousands of people to interpret BI Lists  what the customer feels and thinks when they see the ad. It is the perfect tool to accurately analyze the impact that a marketing campaign can cause on the public before its launch.  Something that clients such as Coca Cola have already begun to exploit. Rana el Kaliuby says that capturing and encoding emotions will result in better user experiences.

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