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What is Slow in business

The slow approach defends the idea of. ​​ l which relies on “Always more” to the detriment of human well-being and ecosystems. Slow does not call for slowing down in business. But for  to consider beforehand the meaning and impact. Territory, employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, schools. The company must acquire new skills -climatologist, environmental engineer, psychologist. Train traditional professions to transform . Act on  because the urgency is there. Marketing and csr. The approach offers a proven method in many sectors of activity and complete tools. Able to for any company facing creation or needing to transform.

Slow in business is based on pillars

Aim above all for the sustainability of the company and improve its capacity for resilience before short-term performance. The Slow pushes to  , and not to Croatia Phone Number List do the same thing, less. In this, it pushes to define a threshold rather than an infinite financial growth to concentrate on the first wealth: the time to This requires – which is much broader than many companies believe , of our limits – of skills, attention, resources, planetary It also means becoming aware that the company alone cannot respond to economic, societal and environmental challenges. Collaboration now more than necessary. This brings us to the 3rd pillar. Integrate all the by the action of the company, the stakeholders.

The opportunities of the slow approach affect

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The approach stimulates innovation  the company’s value chain It transforms the current constraints into an   both in the methods and the services and products BI lists of the company. It gives a vision and meaning to employees, a source of  It redirects the role of marketing, which must make people learn to  by ceasing to sell the illusion that overconsumption and possessions rhyme with happiness. It meets society’s expectations for more corporate commitments to  It (environmental, economic, geopolitical, health, energy) by integrating them into the reflection It allows the company to have a more important role in the  In this, Slow in business concretely addresses the necessary and combines the tools of design thinking, project management.


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