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What business practices after Covid-19

Inbound Marketing France, the annual event dedicated to all digital levers, will take place in May 2021. In the meantime, the Winbound agency team is organizing three major expert debates on current topics. On July 1, the first major Inbound Marketing France debate took place. For the occasion, we invited three experts to discuss post-Covid-19 business practices. We summarize everything for you.Before embarking on new commercial practices, Thibaut du Cleuziou, Vice-President DCF Grand Paris, returned to the different stages that salespeople went through during the period of confinement.

How did the directors of France experience

During the first week of confinement, the most asked question by salespeople was .In the following weeks, the conversations turned out to be particularly supportive. It has been observed that the sales people were in the exchange Australia Phone Number List of good practices with their customers  prospects. From April, a first shift took place in the discourse. At the end of April, customer relations took a new turn. With a rise in stress came more virulent reactions from prospects. To adapt to all these reactions, the sales people had to show great agility. The best perceived responses were those that highlighted .The fact that prospecting was a help for the client to move forward with his projects. To make them a reality, but also a support to relaunch the economy. According to Frédéric Bonneton, CEO MCR Groupe, it is certain that a key skill will be in demand in the months to come

What is the key skill for the next few

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Indeed, the real challenge today will lie in the specific demands of customers, who wish to renegotiate prices, volumes and margins. With salespeople BI lists finding themselves in a defensive position, it becomes central to develop emotional skills.
In the next 4 to 5 months, it will be necessary to recreate a bond of trust: however, trust is emotional. It will therefore be crucial to defend one’s own values ​​and create meaning for the client. To do this, the salesperson must not only strengthen ties with their customers. But also with their marketing department. Thence the importance of accelerating and advocating. The synergy of the sales and marketing departments.

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