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Marketers are faced with new rules in their daily practices. They participate in a more ethical marketing since the implementation of the RGPD.  Indeed, this law involves taking measures when collecting and processing personal and professional data to guarantee its use respectful of the privacy of the persons concerned. And the consequences are far from neutral on business practices. Today, commercial management tools (CRM) must consist exclusively of “opt-in” contacts, ie clear consent from the Internet user is required.  If the Internet user has not replied to the email and has not given his explicit consent, he should in theory be excluded from the database.

What is ethical marketing 

The user must be able to withdraw their consent at any time for the use of their data via a subscription management center. An approach that consists of UK Phone Number List encouraging buyers to order services or products that respect certain commitments from their suppliers. This ethical marketing involves corporate social actions. Thus, at  under the impetus of a CSR policy from its president Olivier  has implemented. Many examples exist in BtoC and B2B activities on the origin of production and raw materials, or a contribution by the consumer’s purchase to a charity association… The Covid crisis could amplify this phenomenon if the consumer fully plays his role of “consom’actor”. Ethical marketing is to reconcile the economic objectives of the company while being respectful of its environment.  The key to the success of an ethical marketing approach is sincerity.

How to apply a more ethical B2B digital marketing

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Beyond the ethics of service providers and their values, it is the overall marketing strategy that must be ethical in its approach to the target audience. Ethical digital BI lists marketing transforms mass marketing into “permissive” marketing. It is a respectful approach that materializes. For example, by asking the authorization of the people targeted. In the state of mind, much more than by. The strict application of new regulations such as the gdpr. The purpose of this digital marketing by permission is to naturally encourage .The customer to accept increasing levels of permission. That is to say consents vis-à-vis a brand or a product. Via a program relationship marketing. In the logic of traditional marketing. We focus on a message, very often promotional, that we will send. To a panel that vaguely corresponds to the company’s usual customers.

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