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Plus it’s more fun to click on a button that has a funny message as long as the subscriber still understands where the button will take them. Cta buttons don’t ne to be  funny for them to stand out. Phrasee gets a little gy with language and uses a pop culture reference in its cta button which encourages subscribers to book a demo: book me danno.funny email cta button: when email on acid promot pathwires: a nightmare at an email camp event we us a little humorous storytelling in the copy and clos it out with a funny cta that harkens back to a popular movie line: we see dead emails.

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Email camp emails with funny ctas and sassy sauce brand fly by jing always use creative ctas for their promotional emails. This one has two to promote their newest dumpling line. Instead of a classic shop now they keep the in-your-face design and branding with loud ctas that say fe me dumps and dumpling lovers for life. Funny dumpling email 3. Love them or hate them puns business lead work. You can try to  talk yourself out of them all you want but in the end it’s inescapable: a good pun is funny. We all groan at them but deep down we secretly like them.

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This email from paperless post invites subscribers to stop and smell the rose instead of roses for this seasonal email: an email with a wine pun. Jetblue recently add a new route to amsterdam. Rather than a regular announcement email they us the subject line look BI List where we’re gogh-ing next filling the email with amsterdam-relat wordplay like hot dam and overseas the day. Email with puns from jetblue: creating puns that fit with your products and services and that your subscribers will instantly understand is a surefire way to lighten someone’s day and deepen your audience’s connection. It can be as simple or as silly as you’d like.

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