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Inside jokes like good product-relat puns can also be us to further strengthen trust within your community. For b2b email marketing industry humor fits into this category. So would exercise jokes for a fitness email list or video game jokes on a gamer list. Turning viral memes into an industry- or company-specific joke is a great way to insert a little relatable industry humor into email marketing. For example you could throw a meme like this into an email targeting dental practices: fascinating man meme with dental joke. It doesn’t ne to revolve around your industry to be funny.

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This email takes the standard frequently ask questions email and flips it on its head saying this is for you ellen from brisbane.sometimes the right design can take traditional copy and make it more playful. Like many welcome business database emails this one from british tennis starts with you’re in! What makes it funny is that it’s accompani by an image of a tennis shot that’s land just inside the lines something that will make tennis lovers (their target audience) smile. Funny welcome email with a tennis joke sometimes all you ne to make someone laugh is a great photo graphic or meme.

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Here’s a funny email example from olive garden: the ridiculous amount of scrolling requir to get to the emails offers is clever and probably gave a few hungry subscribers a laugh. Olive garden BI List meatball funny email: here’s another one from function of beauty that uses a funny cat picture. As long as it relates in any way to your email content you can’t really go wrong with a silly animal-relat image. Crazy hair cat pic email: when and how to send funny emails again. In comy timing is everything. The same goes with email marketing.

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