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Timing matters audience matters and of course having a sense of humor matters too. Let’s look at some specific ways you can inject humor into your email marketing. 1. Funny email subject lines: the subject line is where you capture attention so it’s arguably the best place to use humor. Really good emails definitely did that with a subject line that push the envelope and made us all do a double-take. Subject line: i shipp my pants. It’s hard not to chuckle at a well-plac pun like this one. Now the content of the email cover shipping and order confirmation messages.

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So it wasn’t just for the shock factor. But it certainly does stand out from others in the inbox. Massachusetts-bas oyster farm and restaurant island creek oysters often cracks jokes and puns in their weekly business email list newsletter. This subject line tim with an upcoming storm plays on the storm essentials that sell out whenever a storm is in the forecast: a funny email subject line about oysters. Humor in subject lines could also be a tool to boost your email open rates.

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Save the punchline for the inside of your message to entice your subscribers to open it. Subject line: why do melons always have wdings? Open to reveal: because they cantaloupe! Even if it’s a groaner of a dad joke BI List like that you spark a sense of curiosity in the subscriber. They have to see the punchline for themselves. Just make sure you win them over after you get the chance. 2. Creative cta buttons get rid of submit. Abandon and learn more. Ditch it now. Template or New Creative email call-to-action (cta) buttons are a great place to put some personality into your marketing.

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