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That way you’ll never miss an episode of notes from the developer. Let email on acid improve your email workflow. Whether you’re a small marketing team or a large communications department email on acid can help improve your email workflow. Send your email straight from your email client to our platform and preview your design on over 100 email clients and popular devices. Plus our sharing and markup tools allow you to collaborate with team members and stakeholders easily. Try us free for seven days and see for yourself! Here’s a silly marketing joke for you: q: what is a pirate’s favorite marketing tactic? A: a webinarrrr! (go ahead slack it to your events manager. Well wait.) funny emails can be risky because humor doesn’t always translate the way the writer intends.

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If you send that joke out to your email list and you sell clothing fitness coaching pet products or any number of products and services that aren’t marketing you’ll get a lot of confus reactions. But to a bunch of marketers? Guffaws. So can we use humor strategically in email marketing? Or is it just a waste b2b leads of time? National speakers association hall of fame member karyn buxman doesn’t think so. She has chart a career as a self-proclaim neurohumorist. Do you want your customers to trust you? Humor may help. Buxman studies humor intensively. She’s found that humor builds trust in part because it increases positive brain activity.

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As buxman put it in one of her live presentations there are two kinds of people in the world: those who bring joy to the room and those who bring joy when they leave. Karen buxman’s neurohumorist humor helps your marketing stand out. It gets more attention. It helps create a deeper and more loyal BI List connection with your audience. And also work is hard enough; why not make it fun? Here’s how you can use humor in your emails the right way with some knee-slapping funny email examples: 7 funny email marketing examples you can try for your next campaign when you’re aiming for the funny bone.

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